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The field of activity is to carry out all study and research activities, technical and engineering services, including consulting and supervision, design, implementation, design and construction, contract management, industry and mining, creation or establishment of any company, or factory or complex, participation and exploitation in Construction and equipping and assignment and sale of commercial, residential, industrial and administrative and agricultural units, agriculture, welfare services and welfare support, forest and pastures, aquatics, watershed management, livestock affairs, restoration and reconstruction of ancient works and cultural and historical buildings, as well as continuous monitoring of activities and performance of group companies, exporting technical and engineering services abroad in all fields directly or through participation or forming companies in all fields including water, transportation, facilities and equipment, agriculture, construction, industry and Mining, electricity, oil and gas.

Registration number: 2651
Registered capital of the company: 500,000 million Rials
Number of human resources: 165
Ownership percentage of Sepehr Tahlegaran Mining Holding: 100%

Members of the Board

Esmaeil Karimzade

Chairman of the Board

Education: Msc
Commercial Manager

Manaf Mohamad Zade

Member of the board of directors

Education: Msc

Seyfolah Samad Khah

CEO & Member of board

Education: Bsc

ساختمان و ابنیه  4
راه و ترابری 2
تاسیسات و تجهیزات5



نفت و گاز
سنگین 33
نیمه سنگین32
ثابت ایستگاهی16



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