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The field of activity of Zaremos Iranians is the exploration, extraction and exploitation of copper, molybdenum and gold mines in Iran for the production, distribution and sale of high grade copper ore products. ore and molybdenum ore, distribution and sale of products produced in Iran or abroad, with the participation of others and attracting others to cooperate in repayment plans related to the copper industry, performing all financial, commercial, industrial, mining and service operations and Related transactions are direct or indirect.
The project for the construction of a copper factory in Sistan and Baluchistan province, northwest of Zahedan-Bam and at 55 km in an area called Tell Siah towards the village of Karagheh and Kohnuk, and in the vicinity of the mine in the vicinity of the mine, which will be built with an annual capacity of 3000 tons in 2019 It is expected to start and finish the construction operation by 10/30/1401. The product type is copper oxide with an average grade of 0.8%.

Registration number: 577411
Registered capital of the company: 800,000 million Rials
Number of human resources: 139
The percentage of ownership of Sepehr Tahalgaran Mining Holding: 70%

Members of the Board

Akbar Ghanbari

Chairman of the Board

Education: Ph.D
Human resources management

Seyed Ahmad Meshkani

Vice Chairman of the Board

Education: Ph.D
Economic Geology

Ardeshir Motamed Vaziri

Member of the board of directors

Education: Bachelor
Judicial law

Lotfolah Saeedi

Member of the board of directors

Education: MSC
Business Management

Nad Ali Esmaeili Dahaj

Member of the board of directors

Education: MSC
Mining exploration

Shahrokh MIrzaei Nahavandi


education: MSC
Executive Management

mining group  5
industry and Mining5
semi heavy15
stationary station10
Style (Ride)8



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